Meet Our New Members
We are pleased to have you join our local chapter.
We look forward to networking and learning together! 

Recent New Members in 2022

Branden Chavez 
Orthopedic Surgeons, Inc. 

Chelsea Stuart
Orthopedic Surgeons, Inc.

Jolie Diaz
Jeff David Insurance 

Joe Kaufman
Saint Luke's Physician Group

Samantha Palmieri
Blue Cross & Blue Shield KC

New Members in 2022
before this program began.

Myranda Cleary
Blue Cross & Blue Shield KC

David Johnson
Cradle Thru College Care

Tamy Brown, MA
Heart & Lung Surgeons

Chuck Lyon
Central States Recovery

Steve Cargill
e Sentrine

Amy Burke
AB Marketing Company

Brenda Olson
Great Plains Health Alliance