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    • 19 Apr 2023
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • NKC Hospital: Frontier Room - North and South
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    North Kansas City Hospital 
    Room:  Frontier Room - North & South 
    2800 Clay Edwards Drive, North Kansas City, MO 64116

    Wednesday, April 19, 2023    
    Time:  Registration 3:00 -networking, food/drink, speaker. End by 5:00pm  

      Speaker: Kyle Adkins, BS CMPE

    "Creating Personal & Team Accountability"   

    This session takes a fun and practical look at what mindset leaders can and should take in improving their own personal accountability and that of their teams and staff. 
    We'll look at our own behaviors that may be negatively influencing our team's accountability without even realizing it. 

    We will spend time understand who are owners are and who may just be renting while struggling to be models of something beyond fashion and we'll use some role playing to be better equipped to share the real reasons for the way we do things instead of simply emphasizing the rules or having nothing better to say than "that's the way we've always done it", which always gets support of course.  

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     BIO: Kyle Adkins is the Chief Operating Officer of Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) in Clinton, MO and has been a senior leader for 17 years. Kyle directs the operations of four provider based, rural health and non-rural health, multi-specialty clinics owned and operated by GVMH and is responsible for hospital and clinic provider/physician recruitment. He also oversees outpatient services in the hospital, cancer center, pulmonary services, imaging, laboratory, centralized scheduling, pharmacy services and Security departments. Prior to working with GVMH, Kyle was the Chief Operating Officer with MedEvolve, a medical software firm out of Little Rock, AR. 

    Kyle is a Past President of the Clinton Rotary Club and is a Past President of the Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a deacon at the church he attends in Clinton and is a Past Board President of the Clinton Christian Academy school system. Kyle is the past president of the Missouri Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and is a member of the Missouri Association of Rural Health Clinics (MARHC) board of directors as well as a member of the Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce board.  He has also served on healthcare committees of the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA). Kyle has a wonderful and supportive wife and daughter and they run a cattle farm in their spare time. 

    • 17 May 2023
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn & Suites Overland Park West
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    Holiday Inn & Suites Overland Park West
    8787 Reeder Street, Overland Park KS 
    Date: May 17, 2023  
    Time: 3:00pm registration with networking, food, presentation. Ends by

    "Leadership & Emotions
    Through Turbulent Times"

    Speaker:  Kylie Livingston, aPHR       

         Director of Talent Management, Rally House

    Leaders have emotions too. Whether you’re going through something personal at home, an ongoing challenge at work, or the environment is creating turbulent times, the best leaders tune into their emotions and know how to effectively lead with them. Leaders can avoid becoming disoriented and caught up in the minutia of these times through practical behaviors, and the opportunity to influence others to do the same. Explore how leaders can leverage emotions to transcend to their team using practical steps for communication.

    Some learning points helpful for attendees are: 

    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) during times of challenge
    • Steps to transcend your team through turbulent times
    • How leaders can stay grounded and set an example

    REGISTRATION LINK:  https://gkcmgma.org/event-5062689

    BIO:  Kylie Livingston, aPHR. Kyliee is Director of Director of Talent Management at Rally House.  She has been in Human Resources for 16 years specializing in organizational development, training and talent acquisition in restaurant, health care and retail settings. Kylie holds an Associate Professional in Human Resources Certification from HRCI and is a Certified Trainer in both Situational and Coaching to Build Capacity by the Center for Leadership Studies. She presented ‘Building Virtual Micro-Learning to Engage Leaders in Training’ at the LeapHR: Healthcare 2022 conference.  Kylie provides value through her ability to conceptualize strategic initiatives and her interdepartmental interactions to cultivate a strong sense of organizational awareness. Her practical approach to organizational development is influenced from her time in [restaurant] operations, where end outcomes must be operationally sound, which requires a deep partnership with operation leaders.

    Bickford Senior Living

    • 21 Jun 2023
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • NKC Hospital - Skyview Room
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    North Kansas City Hospital 
    Room:  Skyview Room 
    2800 Clay Edwards Drive, North Kansas City, MO 64116

    Wednesday, June 21, 2023    
    Time:  3:00 - 5:00pm  

            SpeakerDee Nolting

      President of  CorPlasia Advisors, LLC 
      Consultant in Health Care Management 
      with degree from Wichita State University 

    "Engaging For Success:  
     Maximizing Your Team's Potential"   

    Want to thrive in healthcare management.  Don't miss this meeting.
    You'll learn a great deal from Dee in one hour.  Be sure you don't miss this presentation from Dee. She has a wealth of information to impart and share with you, all related to health care management.  

    Registration Link:  https://gkcmgma.org/event-5052204

    BIO: For the last thirty years, I have led family practice and specialty clinics, an ambulatory surgery center and an infusion center. My experience has ranged from starting new practices to adding services to large practices and sustaining financial viability. Managing the variability in healthcare has provided me the insights necessary for physicians to stay independent and profitable. As a Healthcare Consultant, I recognize that while regulations and reimbursement influence the practice, every organization has their unique strategies and challenges. My job as an advisor, is to listen to the independent needs of an organization and develop a customized program that contributes to the success of the business.

    CorPlasia Advisors, LLC logo

    • 19 Jul 2023
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn & Suites Overland Park West
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    Holiday Inn & Suites OPW
    8787 Reeder Street, Overland Park KS 
    Date:  July 19, 2023  
    Time:  3:00pm - 5:00pm                                 

       Speaker: Tracy Bird 
                               FACMPE AAPC CPC CPMA CEMC CPC-I

    "Benchmarking for Practice Success"       Edwards Deming said many decades ago, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

    The purpose of benchmarking in healthcare is to improve efficiency, quality of care, patient safety, and patient satisfaction.  The process involves looking at standards, best practices, and evidence-based practices and then identifying potential areas of improvement.

    This session will focus on Organizational, Financial, and Quality benchmarking using case studies to demonstrate how to create new thinking in your healthcare organizations.  The process of benchmarking charts your own practice against a benchmark for an actual comparison and uses the information to drive change in the organization.

    REGISTRATION LINK:   https://gkcmgma.org/event-5124414

    Tracy has over 40 years’ healthcare management experience in various specialties in the areas of practice operations, revenue cycle management, coding, documentation, staff training, communications, policy and procedure development, and workflow redesign around value- based reimbursement. She is a Fellow with MGMA, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CMPA), a Certified Evaluation and Management Auditor (CEMC) and a Certified Professional Medical Coding Curriculum instructor (CPC-I). Tracy is co-founder and past president of the NE Kansas Chapter of AAPC.  She has been a frequent speaker for local AAPC chapters over the years. She has also presented at both National MGMA and National AAPC conferences as well as having provided many webinars on various practice management topics.  She is the immediate past Chair of the Certification Commission for National MGMA, and serves as the Forum Representative for Kansas MGMA, and Greater Kansas City MGMA.