The Mission of Greater Kansas City MGMA is to enhance healthcare leadership through
education, collaboration and networking.  


Our Vision is to be the
recognized source for
development and collaboration
of healthcare leaders.

Greater Kansas City MGMA is a not-for-profit corporation comprised of administrators, medical managers, allied health professionals, and business partners from the Kansas City Metro and surrounding regions. Northwest Missouri MGMA  chapter merged into GKC MGMA on January 1, 2021. Collectively we offer services and educational opportunities to the entire Kansas City area.   

GKC is affiliated with MGMA National (Medical Group Management Association) based in Denver Colorado. 
We are affiliated with Missouri MGMA state chapter. They support us by providing valuable information to our members. These organizations provide additional educational sources for our managers and offer exhibit opportunities for our partners. 

Note:  Separate memberships are required for each of these affiliate chapters and are not part of membership in Greater Kansas City MGMA.   

Greater Kansas City
Member Code of Ethics 

“Certain characteristics of personal conduct are essential to be effective and productive medical practice executives in all aspects of healthcare.  This applies as well to our business partner allies in the Greater Kansas City community.  As a member of GKC MGMA you agree to represent the healthcare management profession with dignity, integrity and honesty; to defend the confidentiality of other members; to be a good steward of all resources in your care; to assist other members by networking and community building; and to conduct yourself both personally and professionally in a high ethical manner. May all of our members exhibit a sense of purpose, compassion and empathy, and have the passion to build a strong community for the future.”

  GKC MGMA Central Office    
 448 NW 1851st Road 
  Kingsville, MO 64061 
  Office Phone:  816-237-8823
  GKC Email Address:  info@gkcmgma.org


Committee structure shifts as the needs of our leadership and members change. We offer related topics of interest, and funnel information for our monthly news issue and website resources.  All members are asked to participate by sharing their knowledge base and offer assistance to other association members. Every person's involvement, big or small, makes a difference. 

If you would like to get connected with GKC members
ontact us at


"I was instantly amazed by the organization and those who called themselves members. They were very willing to answer my questions, provide guidance, and pointed me in the direction I needed. I valued each of my interactions and knew that I wanted to do my part to aid in the success of GKC MGMA and to also, one day, be able to offer guidance to other young leaders." - CS

"I’ve been a member of Iowa MGMA, Missouri MGMA, NWMO MGMA, GKC MGMA, and National MGMA.  The value I have gained by being a part of these great organizations is immeasurable!"  - AW

"I joined GKCMMA officially and have never looked back. And the value for the price is outstanding. We all have to be so careful with our budgets, but this membership is worth it’s weight in gold." - BS

"I have been so impressed with all that GKC does for their membership.  It truly is one of the best value associations I have been involved with." - JG

No matter how healthcare transforms over the next decade, I know that I will still be able to lean on the personal connections I have made through local our local MGMA.  I appreciate the time and efforts that the leadership of MGMA-Greater Kansas City has put in to ensuring that Kansas City retains a strong local MGMA presence to support medical practices in our city."  - AM

Our Vision 

Partnering  business excellence with clinical excellence to redirect healthcare toward the goal of enabling members and physicians to be a proactive, empowered force in directing the business of medicine, embracing current technology in pursuit of this vision. Providing our members with the tools to assist in their professional development. 

Mission Statement

Greater Kansas City MGMA is a not-for-profit association whose purpose is to enhance healthcare administration and delivery in the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas. It provides education and assistance to its members, fostering collaboration with all stakeholders in the healthcare system to influence the direction of healthcare. Through active participation of the membership, we instill leadership and professional development, education, information, communication, and networking that enhances the Kansas City healthcare community so we can develop and grow leaders to enable practices and provide optimal patient care as well as great places for our employees to work.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide networking and continuing educational opportunities for our members, which is in keeping with our mission and vision statements.  We continually strive to increase our benefits to our members and provide a valuable service to the entire healthcare community in the Kansas City Metro.