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Merged into GKC MGMA in 2021

Greater Kansas City MGMA  
Recent Life Members 

Peggy Brudeck
Terri Butel
Linda Carter        
Karen Corum
Gary Coulter
Ann Donovan
Virginia Freeman
Santa Galate
Teresa Garrison
Patty Greathouse
Jean Hansen
Steve Hughes
Norma Neimeier
Williams Sanders
Diana Teague
Kathryn Vance
Jerry Grover
Jim Nichols

Greater Kansas City MGMA
Founding Life Members
and Life Member from 1980 

Ronald R. Hartnett   Founding Member

Patricia L. Cupp       Founding Member

Donald Palmer Sr.    Founding Member

Perry M. Toll

Arlene Krug

Paula J. Graves

L. Jessica (Lawley) Palmer

J. Emerson Hartzler

William J. Sanders

Linda Holdeman

Susan A. Varner

James B. Kennedy

Becky Merys

William A. Fay (d)

Mike Stephenson

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 GKC MGMA Central Office
1105 NE Westwind Drive
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GKC MGMA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.