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KCU has collaborated with hospitals, physicians and health systems like yours for decades.  Our Department of Clinical Education provides the resources and tools to make the preceptor experience successful for everyone involved. Your investment of time and expertise will be rewarded by the patient-care our students provide, under your quality supervision and direction. 

Benefits of Training Medical Students

KCU College of Osteopathic Medicine is proud to partner with hospitals and physicians across the country to provide advanced clinical training to third- and fourth-year medical students.  Through this experience, our medical students receive invaluable hands on experience, and partner hospitals and physicians receive valuable benefits.  

Preceptor Benefits

  • Exceptional student doctors to assist you in your
    Day-to-day practice
  • Continuing medical education credits (CME)
  • Appointment as Adjunct Instructor with the opportunity
    to apply for Adjunct Faculty
  • Financial compensation (when applicable) 
  • New Missouri Preceptor Tax Credit Incentive (SB 801):

For all tax years on or after January 1, 2023, this act authorizes a taxpayer to claim a tax credit for serving as a community-based preceptor for a medical student's core preceptorship as such terms are defined in the act.  The tax credit shall be equal to $1,000 for each preceptorship, but not to exceed $3,000 in any tax year.  Tax credit authorized by the act shall not be refundable or transferable, and shall not be carried forward or backward to any other tax year. The total amount of tax credits authorized in a given year shall not exceed $200,000.  Additional tax credits may be authorized provided in amount not to exceed the excess funds available in the Medical Preceptor Fund, as created by the act.  


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